January 15th, 2017: An Art and A Ramble

farty party.jpg

And here it is at last, 2017.

In the future I’ll probably keep my art and rambles separate, but today–at least–I’ll let them lie side by side.

I drew this piece while listening to some music I wrote with two of my best friends back when we were still in high school. This year will mark ten years come and gone since our graduation and it’s a bit unreal.

While we didn’t write any song called Party Farty Holidays, perhaps we should’ve. We would have rocked it, dudes. Of that much I’m positive. I’m happy to have been able to see both of them before flapping my way back to the eastward cold. I’m still trying to figure out the ups, downs, lefts, and rights to how I want this website to operate, but seeing friends and family always gives me some grounding in all of my artistic and personal endeavors. It takes the theoretical framework of “Wouldn’t it be cool if” and presses it into the pleasant mold of “You should do that, dude!” With that in mind, I figure my weekly ramble will work in a journalistic mode… that way if I stumble upon anything particularly impactful during the week I can record it for my own posterity while still giving myself enough time to reflect on the thoughts before jotting them down. That way I can make it as resonant and as meaningful as possible for anybody kind enough to read my rambles (you! (thanks!)) rather than just maintaining a practice in egotism. What good is a self abstracted from society? Maybe really good! Maybe terrible! If only I’d thought about it in advance….

Anyhow, this website is a bit of an adventure for me, and I hope it helps keep me on track. Which track where, I’m not sure, but it’ll be nice to have a track for once. And I’d love for you to be my track team, so if you have anything you’d like me to talk about, let me know. I’m not an expert on much, but I’m a jack-of-some human being, and if I can human it up for your benefit… we’ll chalk that up as a win.

Thanks to the handful of people who’ve decided to follow my posts, I hope I give you all a reason to keep on reading, and thanks to all my friends for encouraging my art despite my perpetual distractibility and uncertainty.

We all grow old together, and that’s something. And if that growth ever feels frightening or inconsequential or unaccessible or pointless, I’ll be here trying to rock the kid in your soul back to the surface.

Love and peace from the west-fool east!




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