Valentine’s Day

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
i’m out of money,
and so is the zoo;

they sold all the animals,
and auctioned off cages,
but still lack the funds
to pay poor Fred’s wages.

Now, I’ve known Fred
since the second grade–
he’s got three girls in school
and one wife in a grave.

And now that his job’s gone
he has no idea
how he can support
his three darling kids.

So if you’re thinking
I’m a lousy date,
remember poor Fred
and his present state.

Hearing his story
and knowing his deal,
I think you’ll agree
that I’m really a steal.

And I know tradition
demands boxes of chocolate
but I already told you I don’t have any money I’m sorry can we just watch this movie really I tried, dude. I did. Really. Give me a break. Geez.

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