Finally, a Ramble

Ah! Another Sunday! And, so, another recap of the week so far!

What’s that you say? I haven’t done any weekly recaps so far? Not a single act of reminiscence? Nary a reflection to be found?

Well, pah! Pah, I say!

No, not to you. To my sad self. Writer, I call myself, yet here I am failing to do the one thing that title lays claim to! I guess, while I’m being apologetic, there are a few matters of website content I ought to turn to.

First, you might have noticed that my serial story has been… ah… well, you might of noticed that it hasn’t been, would be a more accurate surmisery. And you’d be right! You’re always right, really, and it’s a bit show-offy. A bit of modesty wouldn’t kill you! But I digress. It turns out that substantial blocks of prose were a bit much to promise, as they don’t coincide well with a weekly schedule that consists primarily of grading, lesson-planning, teaching, reading, studying, and studenting. But, by posting the first few segments here, I made a promise that you’d receive a serialized story, so a serialized story you shall receive. Just… just be ready to receive it slowly… and… infrequently, is all I’m saying.

In the meantime, I’m thinking I’m going to rework my weekly schedule to include even more poetry–that is to say, a wider variety of poem types. Closed form poetry (a topic I might just write on at greater length in the future (such boredom looms for you, my readers!) is a great exercise for any poet, and I find that it helps me in particular by breaking me from language patterns and sonic tendencies I grow over-comfortable with in my open form verse. I’ve had a lot of fun with my haiku (for one, they’re much less time consuming, and for… for two (?), they’re relaxing, like breathing in cool air after being cooped up all day indoors), so I might introduce a few more shorter forms. Ballads are on the shortlist (if you missed my McDonald’s Ballad Stream, check it out) for similar reasons. Limericks too are a candidate. While I’d happily consider sonnets, those require a lot more time and mental fortitude, and mental fortitude tends to run dry pretty quickly after a full day. We’ll see what the future holds! If you have any forms you think you’d like to see me take a crack at, leave a comment and I’ll try my hand at it.

Beyond that, I’d like to do some more art, but I have to save up to make sure I have a WordPress site that allows for unlimited storage; otherwise, any regular art uploads will cease nearly as quickly as they’d begun.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see (or read (or hear (or eat))), let me know (although I won’t be able to actually cook you anything (but it might inspire me to cook something for myself (by which I mean buy it readymade somewhere)).

But I suppose this is ramble enough for one day. And I forgot to recap the week itself! Shame on me; shame!

My thanks to you few, you happy few, who have done me the honor of giving me a follow. I’ll endeavor to keep qualityish content coming your way.



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