A Poem for My Father

Things to remember:

-which shoe goes on which foot
-which foot belongs to which shoe
-what feet are
-when to shoe
-what even are laces

Also to note:

-When I was a kid
you’d let me dance on your shoes,
or–perhaps it’s better said–
you let me ride your shoes
as you danced for the both of us
in your room, in the morning
, before you left for work.
I can see your tie-rack
through the open closet doors.
The bathroom light is on,
your razor is waiting,
but I was always first
in line.
I remember the weightless glee
as your feet swung, straight-legged pendulums
that arced over the carpet,
carried me from place to place.

And even now–in my mind–
they take me where I need to go.

Published by dreysleeps

I art and eat and draw and sleep and cry and rhyme. I consume too much pizza and—by all rights—should be dead, but I haven't gotten around to it. Procrastination saved my life.

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