A Poem for Wednesday, 9/13/17, because I forgot to post that day, and now this poem will carry this terrible title forever

I thirst for poetry on garbage cans
and rhymes about graffitied city walls.
I want to read about the cracked sidewalks
all bleached and dusty pale under the sun.
Enough about the rocks and trees and sky;
enough about the creatures of the earth;
enough about the ways which humans die;
enough about the forms of human mirth.
These broken windows, these vast and unmowed lawns,
these baseball mitts and coins and hairless dolls,
these hubcaps, shovels, snowplows, ice-cream trucks–
take these instead, and lift them up!

Just once, forgo the ego-driven squirm
and let the tunnel glorify the worm.

Published by dreysleeps

I art and eat and draw and sleep and cry and rhyme. I consume too much pizza and—by all rights—should be dead, but I haven't gotten around to it. Procrastination saved my life.

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