A Smattering of Art

By Drey

Confrontation Party

Although digital, this piece is fairly representative of my usual down-time style where I let the lines go where they want.

Hipster Romance Gang

I like to dip into the bizarre now and then and now and now again.

A Word Tangle

Here’s a weird interpolation between my doodling and poetic realms of engagement. Like most of my doodles, I just let the words flow out and fall where they may.

Hyper Cool Color Test Man

This strange, floaty dude was just the result of me trying to get a hang of better digital coloring techniques. Slow but steady wins the hot fudge sundae.

Portrait of a Year in the Making

Thick ol’ lines, bold contrast between a flat red background and some grey scale artistry. Does it work? You go ahead and tell me.

Smile for the Ages

A positive outlook is half the battle. Which battle? Beats the heck outta me.

A Real Rabbit’s Reflection on a Favorite Portrait

A lot of my hand drawn art incorporates panels and word bubbles. They’re not exactly comics, but they’re not exactly not comics.

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