André V. Katkov is a flesh and blood human-being originally hailing from the Inland Empire, where he developed an over-zealous love for education, the arts, and a general sense of play.

Presently, his schedule is overwhelmingly dominated by doctoral study in New England, but when he has time to spare, he can be found drawing, versifying, prosing, or napping face down in a half-eaten pizza.


When it comes to the written word, André likes to work across genres. His primary passions, however, are for genre fantasy fiction and poetry (having dedicated years of academic study to both fields).

To put his poetics in a nutshell, he likes to seek balance in his work–particularly balance between craft technicality and general accessibility, between sound and meaning, and between the twin gravities of humor and heart. For a list of his previous journal publications, please click here.

Visual Art

While André has less direct training in the creation of visual art, he began doodling as soon as he could grip a crayon and hasn’t let up since. Presently, he has been attempting to refine his digital art, but when he is afforded time to draw, he typically opts for zen-meets-fever-dream pen-fueled productions wherein he begins right away with ink and without a plan and lets the lines carry him where they will.

He is interested in illustration, comicking, and occasional design work. For his occasionally updated and ongoing comic strip, make sure to check out Flaff on instagram, and for some of his more decent digital art and design work, feel free to poke around the galleries available here at Drey Sleeps.


André’s teaching philosophy could be boiled down a few different ways, but at the heart of it all is a desire to help students grow into stronger critical thinkers and writers and to aid them in finding ways to connect those skills to whatever their own aspirations may be.

We are living in strange and turbulent times, and now more than ever it is crucial that we nourish our ability to listen deeply and kindle a desire for genuine understanding of our human fellows and the wider world we rely on and inhabit alongside so many other non-human beings. For André, teaching is an opportunity to practice and model these endeavors, and–as with his art–he presses on with the aim of refining his craft.

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