André Katkov’s work has been provided space to breathe at the following locations:

Badlands, 2012

-“Hokusai (I beg those who live to see)” [Prose Poem]

-“Stepping on Styrofoam Skulls” [Prose Poem]

The Pacific Review, 2011-2013

-“The Boy Who Ate Fish” [Short Story]

-[Various Art]

The Wild Lemon Project

– Sense of Place Poetry Prize Honorable Mention

-“The Red Town” [Verse Poem]

– This is My Selfie Contribution [Photograph with Prose]

Shuf Poetry, 2012

– Untitled Comic [Comic Strip] 2013

Featured during National Poetry Month

-” Endangered Me, The Flightless Trapeze” [Verse Poem]

-” Invocation” [Verse Poem]

Apercus 2014

-“Retrospectacle” [Verse Poem]

-“Fears Since Dreamtime” [Verse Poem]

Rhino 2014

-“Napoleon Bonaparte” [Verse Poem] (read here)

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