Another Polimerick

After another school shootin’ Trump, with his mouth, started tootin’: “I’d run right in,” he said with a grin, though he quaked at the shadow of Putin.

The Loogork: A Nonsense Limerick

There once was a loogork named Darg who nightly camped out in my yard. I offered him fish and fresh pretzel sticks which he took as a trade for his log.

Limoorick (HAH! Get it?)

There once were some cows eating grass and their stomachs produced lots of gas. Now, believe it or not, the planet’s real hot and I don’t think that we’re gonna last.

So this old man named William Drake

So, this old man named William Drake one time fell asleep by a lake. A kind passerby was afraid Drake had died so he gave that old Willy a shake.

On Sleep (Limerick (9/5/17))

On Sleep For me, waking up’s a real task. Anyone will confirm if you ask. I’d rather sleep in until forty past ten and serve myself lunch for breakfast.

A Polimerick

President Donald J. Trump, really enough is enough. Your cabinet picks are the antithesis of the causes they’re meant to pick up.