On Voting

One of the first pictures I posted to Instagram (the third, I think), back when I joined the Instaverse back 2012, was of me making a goofy face with an “I VOTED” sticker stuck to my chest. Today, four years later, hairier and beardlier, I did it again (although this time the sticker reads “I VOTED ByContinue reading “On Voting”

On Ghosts (Halloween 2016)

This blog is shiny and new, and I’m already behind in my ramblings. Fortunately, my one day delay places this post on All Hallow’s Eve, that day whose night invites the veil between the living and the dead to lift and shimmer above a steady stream of spooks and sweets. So we’ll keep with the theme and rambleContinue reading “On Ghosts (Halloween 2016)”