Drive-Thru Ballad

While driving through McDonald’s for the nineteenth time that week alone, he paused and stared at their menu sign. Little flecks of red and gold upon a field of white littered with black curving shapes, tiny strips of night. The world upon its axis slowed and time refused flower as the patron held those shapesContinue reading “Drive-Thru Ballad”

To wit, I ramble

Sometimes my words come pouring out without me knowing why like a dog that howls all night at the moonless sky. And when I try to stop their flow by shutting up my trap, they build and bang and multiply til I can’t hold them back. It’s like an endless music that plays without aContinue reading “To wit, I ramble”

Spider Ballad

Spider Ballad There was a spider in my brain eating things that flew– hopes and dreams and artful things and all my thoughts of you. What little brain I had to start made for meager fare, and soon my skull (an empty bowl) became the spider’s lair. It spit its venom in my eyes andContinue reading “Spider Ballad”