Office Sonnet

Office Sonnet The filing cab’net’s sleek black sides’ dull gleam reflects the dim-blurred image of a foot all sandal-wrapped with unclipped nails that seem a cowry colored echo of a root exposed from underneath a fleshy soil. Softly sung to eyes, the image weighs as much as steam from cheeks too long embroiled or downyContinue reading “Office Sonnet”

Remembering Errol Flanders of West Marble Court

Foxes for pillows at the head of his bed and knock-knock joke eul’gies now that he’s dead. He died as he lived–face down in his soup or crying alone in a telephone-booth. Sometimes he’d smile at cars passing by while walking the freeway’s concrete divide. I had him over last Tuesday for lunch. He ventriloquizedContinue reading “Remembering Errol Flanders of West Marble Court”

Drive-Thru Ballad

While driving through McDonald’s for the nineteenth time that week alone, he paused and stared at their menu sign. Little flecks of red and gold upon a field of white littered with black curving shapes, tiny strips of night. The world upon its axis slowed and time refused flower as the patron held those shapesContinue reading “Drive-Thru Ballad”

Game ____ Match

Sunset sets conceptually. Daydeath dawns. Decay writ large, writ regular, routine withering in the way we end the day. Stop connoting soft death under constructed beauty: lithe ghosts that float over fields of miribilis jalapa, four o’clock flowers that flex out sweet sweat and hold the night in thrall. Make it explicit: we blink, darkContinue reading “Game ____ Match”

an other

Whistling down the alleyway on a Tuesday afternoon while the rain pours down and down like notes without a tune, he strolls with shadows ‘cross his eyes and a jacket made of sleep, and in each pocket jostling are heaps of tasty treats. Not candies; no, no lollypops, no sugar-laden fare, but music, words, andContinue reading “an other”

Platypus Jowls

Platypus jowls : next time someone yells out in frustration and I’m around, “Platypus jowls.” I’ll say it, is what I mean, as a defense mechanism, not for me but for society (so grand, so grand); just blurt out “Platypus jowls,” and then they’ll look at me, bemused, and I’ll just be there in myContinue reading “Platypus Jowls”

Sickness and Sweets

Last night, sick and in want of candy –in want of candy knowing nothing would make me sicker than a sampling of sweets– I came to the realization that the number of M&Ms I’ve eaten , in my life, up to this point, is greater than the number of years I can ever hope toContinue reading “Sickness and Sweets”