Running in the Nose

  He blows his nose and out shoot little human people. As they catapult from his nostrils, he feels their tiny elbows and brittle knees bounce and tumble along his soft nasal corridors; his eyes water as they snag hairs and wake follicles. Little beings. They are lighter than bird bone and bundled in flea-barb […]

A Snowman Scene

Sick of tradition, Frosty tosses his corn cob pipe into the fire. As he does, a bit of his arm gets over-warm and sloughs off as slush on the bearskin rug. “Typical,” Frosty mutters. He shuffles back a few feet. He would sweat nervously if he could afford it, but the Californian winter, ever short […]

The Sads

The wave breaks and the sads wash over me. But they don’t stop there. The sads keep on going until they hit San Francisco and Los Angeles. Before long even the highest graffiti is covered in sads. Business offices are flooded with sads. The yellow legal pads of lawyers and novelists are drenched. There are […]


He didn’t mean to hit the badger. Hell, he’d never seen a badger before, ‘xcept in books and nature magazines from when he was a kid. It was an alien thing, and death had nothing to do with it. If anything, death made it more relatable. More real. He pondered it on the roadside. Splayed […]


Eyes wide, he smiles at the trashcan. He is practicing for human interaction. Lips taut, smiling, he nods to the basket. “Hello,” he thinks. No. “Hello,” he says. His dry voice scratches at his throat, tiny tumbleweed of sound. He pictures rivers. Exactly three of them, one from each eye and one from his nose […]

Morning Rumble

Morning Rumble He wakes up with the distinct feeling that he is not himself. This is not his body, still and numb. This is not his brain, though these are his thoughts. They are intruders, rifling through closets and cabinets in an alien brain, hoping to find purses or wallets… that they might peer at […]