Office Sonnet

Office Sonnet The filing cab’net’s sleek black sides’ dull gleam reflects the dim-blurred image of a foot all sandal-wrapped with unclipped nails that seem a cowry colored echo of a root exposed from underneath a fleshy soil. Softly sung to eyes, the image weighs as much as steam from cheeks too long embroiled or downyContinue reading “Office Sonnet”

Drive-Thru Ballad

While driving through McDonald’s for the nineteenth time that week alone, he paused and stared at their menu sign. Little flecks of red and gold upon a field of white littered with black curving shapes, tiny strips of night. The world upon its axis slowed and time refused flower as the patron held those shapesContinue reading “Drive-Thru Ballad”

Typical Friday at High Noon

Typical Friday at High Noon Like an Easy-Bake Oven from hell, the sun stiffens mud and a lone worm screeches in his mother tongue as he’s slowly Han Soloed in the carbonite of home. That eagle over there isn’t all that eager to pry him out. In the distance, Vin Diesel high fives Poseidon. BuoysContinue reading “Typical Friday at High Noon”

The Seventeen

The Seventeen like laughter-clatter, ArmaLite refuse echoes up the hall. A shrill metal bird has been paid to sing arson and lure us to fire. Riddled, we watch as others prod, fiddle with our holes, feel for the thin veil of prayer the dosh demands be woven –ever retroactively–into our skin. Let their fingers burn.Continue reading “The Seventeen”


He milks the weeds of his home-town and pours the broth in a ceramic bowl, bitter, drop by drop , like harvesting syrup, that slow serenade of nearly-not-a-liquid, from the forests that spring up out of composting teddybears and trendy teen magazines ’bout music. His mind is a confetti of neon wristbands– concerts, clubs, conventions–andContinue reading “Older”


Athena, long-limbed and armor-clad, is curled up in the gashapon of my skull– kicking, unborn babe, I can feel her toes , the bone cracking (mine, not hers (her muscles are mightier ; mine shred and quiver me; I am the dragon-roar of her aegis; my face is laden with the bent brow of herContinue reading “Headache”