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Writing is my jam. Poetry is my peanut butter. I am the bread. Just below you'll find my most recentest write-things. See the full collection of my webwords by clicking the "View All" button just there. PSA: Line-breaks fall apart here, so make sure to click on the link for the FULL EXPERIENCE!

become furniture

become furniture

September 25, 2017

Coat hangers dissolve       as the years pass and no one recalls      where to hang their hats.

an other

an other

September 24, 2017

Whistling down the alleyway on a Tuesday afternoon while the rain is pouring down –loose notes without a tune. He wears a shadow ‘cross his eyes , his jacket’s made of sleep, and in each pocket jostling are heaps of tasty treats. Not candies; no, no lollypops, no sugar-laden fare, but songs and words and […]

Platypus Jowls

Platypus Jowls

September 20, 2017

Platypus jowls : next time someone yells out in frustration and I’m around, “Platypus jowls.” I’ll say it, is what I mean, as a defense mechanism, not for me but for society (so grand, so grand); just blurt out “Platypus jowls,” and then they’ll look at me, bemused, and I’ll just be there in my […]


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