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Writing is my jam. Poetry is my peanut butter. I am the bread. Just below you'll find my most recentest write-things. See the full collection of my webwords by clicking the "View All" button just there. PSA: Line-breaks fall apart here, so make sure to click on the link for the FULL EXPERIENCE!

Haiku, 8 March 2018

Haiku, 8 March 2018

March 8, 2018

Balled up like paper, the hood of the car burns–rain wets the tar. We wait.

Office Sonnet

Office Sonnet

March 5, 2018

Office Sonnet The filing cab’net’s sleek black sides’ dull gleam reflects the dim-blurred image of a foot all sandal-wrapped with unclipped nails that seem a cowry colored echo of a root exposed from underneath a fleshy soil. Softly sung to eyes, the image weighs as much as steam from cheeks too long embroiled or downy […]

Running in the Nose

Running in the Nose

March 2, 2018

He blows his nose and out shoot little human people. As they catapult from his nostrils, he feels their tiny elbows and brittle knees bounce and tumble along his soft nasal corridors; his eyes water as they snag hairs and wake follicles. Little beings. They are lighter than bird bone and bundled in flea-barb armor. […]


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