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Writing is my jam. Poetry is my peanut butter. I am the bread. Just below you'll find my most recentest write-things. See the full collection of my webwords by clicking the "View All" button just there. PSA: Line-breaks fall apart here, so make sure to click on the link for the FULL EXPERIENCE!

The Loogork: A Nonsense Limerick

The Loogork: A Nonsense Limerick

February 20, 2018

There once was a loogork named Darg who nightly camped out in my yard. I offered him fish and fresh pretzel sticks which he took as a trade for his log.

The Seventeen

February 19, 2018

The Seventeen like laughter-clatter, ArmaLite refuse echoes up the hall. A shrill metal bird has been paid to sing arson and lure us to fire. Riddled, we watch as others prod, fiddle with our holes, feel for the thin veil of prayer the dosh demands be woven –ever retroactively–into our skin. Let their fingers burn. […]

A Snowman Scene

A Snowman Scene

December 22, 2017

Sick of tradition, Frosty tosses his corn cob pipe into the fire. As he does, a bit of his arm gets over-warm and sloughs off as slush on the bearskin rug. “Typical,” Frosty mutters. He shuffles back a few feet. He would sweat nervously if he could afford it, but the Californian winter, ever short […]


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